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Facebook might submit to a vote some privacy policy changes

A grassroots campaign initiated by Max Scherms and the Europe v. Facebook initiative has managed to reach the 7,000 comments required by Facebook to propose any privacy policy change. All the comments linked to the www.our-policy.org website where among others, … Continue reading

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British Parliament: sexting treated as a common behavior that could also lead to cyberbullying

A report commissioned by the NSPCC and developed by prestigious British Institutions such as King’s College London, the Institute of Education and the London School of Economics, has been presented in the British Parliament by Rep. Claire Perry. This study shows that sexting is a rising phenomena fully normalized by teenagers as part of their lives. The … Continue reading

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Nine ways to protect yourself on Facebook

Facebook offers many privacy controls, but good luck understanding them. A new study by Siegel+Gale, New York-based consultants, finds that Facebook’s and Google’s privacy policies are tougher to comprehend than the typical bank credit card agreement or government notice.Google’s widely … Continue reading

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Sexting: What parents and teenagers should know

Before society started using text messaging as a new form of communication, men and women used conversations and body gestures to flirt. Today, many teenagers and young adults have found a sexier way to express interest for someone else. This new flirting technique is called sexting, or the act of text messaging someone sexually explicit content such as racy messages and erotic photographs or videos. Continue reading

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