ESSE Digital World – First International Meeting on children’s and teen’s use of Information Technologies

ESSE Digital World - Rio (Brazil), 2012During the days of April 19th and 20th an international meeting under the title ESSE DIGITAL WORLD was held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Scholars from several countries discussed about topics such as technostress and Internet addiction; cyberbullying, sexting and grooming; child abuse and sexual exploitation, child pornography and pedophilia; digital school and education; medical problems, benefits and therapeutic uses of ICT; cyber crimes; social networks; telemedicine; human rights and Internet safety; ethics and values ​​in the digital age.

FriendlyScreens / PantallasAmigas / TelasAmigas took part on the meeting represented by its director, Jorge Flores who gave a talk on Privacy, Sexting and Grooming. He also premiered the NOTAGSwithoutpermision campaign to ask companies responsible for social networks to protect their users by requiring approval before publishing any tagged imaged.

Professionals from the areas of health, education, ICT and law attended the meeting as well as other interested parties.

The meeting agenda was as follows:


  • 08:00—09:00: Acreditation
  • 09:00—10:40: Opening and Composition of the Panel. Event presentation.
    Talk: Globalized Society and Digital Media

    • President: Dr. Evelyn Eisenstein
    • Dr. Michael Rich (Harvard University, USA)
    • Dr. Regina Ungerer (World Health Organization) life videoconference from Geneva
    • Dr. John Riehl (Medical Missions for Children) life videoconference from New Jersey
  • 10:40—10:50: Coffee Break
  • 10:50—12:20: Round Table: Behavior, Sexuality and Lifestyle in the Digital Age
    • President: Prof. Christina Lopreato (Federal University of Uberlândia)
    • Cyberbullying: Research and Intervention
      Dr. Lucia Williams (LAPREV-UFSCAR, São Paulo, Brazil)
    • Violence on the Net
      Mr. Cajetan Luna (Center for Health Justice, Los Angeles/USA)
    • Privacy, Sexting and Grooming
      Mr. Jorge Flores (PantallasAmigas, Spain)
  • 12:20—14:00: Lunch
  • 14:00—15:00: Round Table: Mental Health and Psychiatric Risks
    • President: Dra. Lucia Abelha (IESC/UFRJ)
    • Cell Phone dependency: a new disorder
      Dr. Cristiano Nabuco (USP, São Paulo, Brazil)
    • Other Psychiatric and Mental Health Risks
      Dr. Marco Antonio Chaves Gama (Minas Gerais, Brazil)
  • 15:00—15:15: Coffee Break
  • 15:45—16:45: Round Table: ICT’s Benefits and Positive Aspects for Children and Teenagers
    • President: Almir Neves (UFCE – SIG-RUTE, Ceará, Brazil)
    • Telemedicine University Network
      Dr. Luiz Ary Messina (RUTE-RNP, Brazil)
    • Connecting Brazil through Child and Tennagers’ SIG
      Dr. João Amaral (UFCE – SIG-RUTE, Ceará, Brazil)
    • Social Networks: Collective Intelligence
      Dr. Vera Maria Moreira (Criança e Paz Network, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • 16:45—18:15: Round Table: Education and Schools in the Digital Era
    • President: Dr. Beatriz Alqueres (Projeto da Educopédia e Cidade Educadora – SME/RJ)
    • Animation, Society and New Social Media
      Prof. Claudia Bolshaw (PUC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    • Schools in the Digital Era
      Prof. Patrícia Konder Lins and Silva (Parque School, Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
    • Training or Digital Pedagogy
      Prof. Luiz Barco (USP, São Paulo, Brazil)


  • 09:00—10:30: Talks:
    • Ethics, the School and Training of Digital Citizenship
      Prof. Solange Barros (LEEME-Univ. Mackenzie, São Paulo, Brazil)
    • Digital Transformation in Cariocan Education
      Dr. Rafael Parente (Municipal Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro)
  • 10:30—10:50: Coffee Break
  • 10:50—12:20: Round Table: Medical Specialties and the Use of ICTs
    • President: Dr. Sidnei Ferreira (CREMERJ)
    • Harmful Health Effects of Excessive Use of ICTs
      Dr. Susana Estefenon (Youth Institute, Digital Generation Health Project – Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
    • Technostress and the Developing Brain
      Dr. Eduardo Jorge (Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
    • Bbzzz, can you hear it?
      Dr. Teresa Quaglia (Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
    • Stance Changes and Future Risks
      Denise Del Peloso, Physical Therapist (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • 12:20—14:00: Lunch
  • 14:00—15:30: Round Table: Network Safety
    • Coordinator: Erika Kobayashi (Childhood Brasil)
    • Browse Safely Program
      Dr. Anna Flora Werneck (Childhood Brazil)
    • Network Security and the four-legged chair
      Mr. Tito de Morais (MiudosSegurosna Net, Portugal)
    • Online Child Safety: Google’s view
      Marcel Leonardi (Google, São Paulo, Brasil)
  • 15:30—15:45: Coffee Break
  • 15:45—17:15: Round Table: Cyberfelony and cybercrime
    • Generational Challenges in Fostering Ethical Internet Use
      Dr. Rodrigo Nejm (Safernet, Baia, Brazil)
    • Copyright: the “If it’s on the Net, it’s free!” myth
      Dra. Debora Nigri (Dain Gandelman e Lacé Brandão Advogados Associados, Brazil)
    • Internet: Are we victims or offenders?
      Dr. Juliana Abrusio (Universidade Mackenzie, São Paulo, Brazil)
  • 17:15—18:00: Round Table: Future and Outlook: What can be done?
    • President: Mr. Tito de Moraes (Portugal)
    • Life Skills
      Dr. Susana Estefenon (Youth Institute, Digital Generation Health Project – Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
      Dr. Evelyn Eisenstein (FCM-UERJ, CEIIAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

About Friendly Screens

FriendlyScreens is an initiative to promote a safe and healthy use of new technologies, and foster being a responsible digital citizen in children and teenagers.